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Short for pay per click, PPC is an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. In PPC programs the online advertisers will pay Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate when an ad is clicked on, regardless if a sale is made or not. With pay per click in search engine advertising, the advertiser would typically bid on a keyword so the PPC rate changes. On single website — or network of content websites — the site publisher would usually set a fixed pay per click rate. Also called cost-per-click (CPC). Many Ways To Earn Cash! Earn cash by Reading advertiser emails – Visiting reputed advertiser websites – Acting on offers that interest you – and Referring others to the program.

You choose your interest groups and demographics, we match you with the right offer! Get paid for every ad and website that you visit.

Google PPC advertising by Startup Clues is a superior method of internet advertising that will increase your visibility online, as well as increase traffic to your website. This form of advertising is highly successful due to the precision targeting that we employ. Our experienced staff thoroughly studies the market and your ideal customer in order to place the ads where potential customers are most likely to see them. Many factors go into this, including language, location, and internet usage habits.

Also, PPC ROI is easy to track. We provide solutions that allow you to see the trail of a customer from the moment they click on your ad, to the point where a sale is made. We constantly track the effectiveness of the campaign, ensuring that the ads are reaching the right people, and that they are translating into results.

Google PPC is also a cost-effective solution. We are able to tailor our campaigns to your budget, so you never have to spend more than you have allocated for this form of marketing. And since you only pay when people visit your site, ROI is extremely high compared to other forms of online advertising.

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