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Online GST Return Filing – An Overview

As per the GST law, every individual registered under the GST Act has to furnish the details of sales, purchases and the tax paid by filing for GST returns with the administrative authorities. A GST return document contains details of all the taxpayers.

As a business person/ firm, one of your first priorities will be to file a GST return. Hence, knowing the ropes can help you make the process smoother and simpler. While filing a GST return, you are supposed to provide all the particulars related to your business activities, like the tax liability declarations, tax payments and also any other related information as per instructions provided by the government.

The GST return filing process has to be done electronically in the GST portal. A facility has to be offered for the manual process of GST return filing tasks. This facility helps the business taxpayer in India to prepare the return offline and then upload it on GSTN through the facilitation center.

There are also various components of GST returns that you need to know about.

The GST return mainly includes

Output GST on the sales
Input tax credits as per GST paid while making the purchases

Also includes
the total sales. In order to file the GST return, the purchase invoices and GST compliant sales are needed.

What are GST returns?

Any person who applies for GST registration will also have to make a GST return filing. The GST return is basically a document which is needed as per the Indian tax authorities of law, to be filed. It will be used by the authorities of tax for the purpose of calculating the tax liability.

An insight into the GST filing procedure in India
Any business person who has taken the registration, but has not crossed the limit of exemption will have to comply with the step-by-step GST billing process. It comes around Rs.20 lakhs all over India, except in Northeast and Hill areas where the limit comes down to Rs.10 Lakh. Once the taxpayer crosses the limit of exemption, he/she will start filing for GST returns. Even in cases where no taxable supplies are received or made during a particular period, the taxpayer will have to file the NIL return. So, there is no way that you can avoid GST filing. If you miss out filing the return of one period, then you will not be able to file the next period’s return.

Let us simplify GST in this way- Any business will have to file monthly GST return twice and annual return once.This implies that as a total, you will have to file GST returns 26 times a year. The GST portal issues 4 different types of forms for filing the GST returns. They are:

– Return for purchases
– Return for supplies
– Annual returns
– Monthly returns

In case of small business taxpayers in India who have opted for a composition scheme, they just have to file GST returns on a quarterly basis. Return filing process can be done online.

Online GST Return Filing Procedures – A detailed filing process

In total, there are 3 steps to be followed in the GST return filing work for every Indian Business Taxpayer.

All registered taxpayers can follow the filing format and upload their annual return invoice on the GST portal. To do that, you will have to maintain electronically all the records of the invoice. We help you with filing process in the GST portal by setting up simplified versions of excel templates. It will aid you in maintaining the records with ease.

We collect all the information and documents needed to start preparing for your GST returns first. StartupClues will maintain the invoice records of registered taxpayers and by month end, you can easily file the GST returns using our exclusive team of experts. Once you do the filing process in GST portal, from then on, our expert affiliate will remind you about the filing date so that you won’t forget the date and end up paying tax penalties.

The first step before filing your GST will be to review the GST filing before submission. We, at StartupClues, give you an opportunity to do the same.

The second step is your approval.

After your approval, we will be filing your online returns
Our GST experts will file the GSTR returns using a challan. The ARN number generated will be shared with you.
Once the process is completed successfully, we will mail you an acknowledgement about the same to the registered email id provided by you.

GST return filing dates you have to remember
In the GST return filing procedure, there are some dates every business taxpayer will have to keep in mind. You can get the due dates extended by the issue of notifications or orders. We are here with a complete list of GST return filing dates you should never miss!

Know your monthly return GST

The GSTR 1 due dates are usually on a quarterly arrangement when the aggregator turnover becomes less than 1.5 Crores. The outward supply details have to be filed every month before 10th

Late Fees/Penalty For Failing To Filing The Return On Time
In case the taxpayer fails to file the returns within the time limits, then he/she will be asked to pay a penalty which is also known as the late fee. The late fee will be Rs.100 per day per Act. Thus, it will come around Rs.100 under the CGST and again Rs.100 under the SGT. The total amount to be paid will be Rs.200 per day. The maximum penalty can be Rs.5000. The IGST do not levy any late fees.

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We make your interaction with government as smooth as is possible by doing all the paperwork for you. We will also give you absolute clarity on the process to set realistic expectations


We make your interaction with government as smooth as is possible by doing all the paperwork for you. We will also give you absolute clarity on the process to set realistic expectations

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